Our Menu


Cheese Nachos- 5.49Bean Nachos- 5.49Bean & Beef Nachos- 6.49Beef or Chicken Nachos- 6.49Nachos Supreme- 7.49Bowl of Chili- 4.95Chili con Queso & Carne- 5.49 Mexican Cheese Fries- 7.99Cheese Dip- 3.75Guacamole- 3.75Bean Dip- 4.25Spinach Dip- 4.95Shrimp Dip- 5.99Pepper Dip- 4.25Queso Fundido- 4.99Fresh Guacamole in Molcajete- 7.49


Shrimp SoupSmall- 6.75 Large- 9.75Chicken SoupSmall- 5.75 Large-7.75Siete Mares- 7 Seas SoupLarge 13.99 Tortilla SoupSmall- 5.75 Large-7.75 Queso Fundido- 4.99Fresh Guacamole in Molcajete- 7.49


Spinach Salad 
Spinach, lettuce, cucumber, cheese, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, grilled chicken, pineapple and carrots.    8.24Shrimp Salad
Grilled shrimp with lettuce, cucumber, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.  8.74Cami Salad 
Fried chicken with lettuce, cucumbers, cheese, tomatoes, red onions, and croutons.   8.24Chipotle Salad
Grilled chicken cooked with chipotle salsa with lettuce, cucumber, cheese, tomatoes, and croutons.   8.24House Salad   5.24Guacamole Salad    3.24Cream Salad      3.24

A la Carte

Tamales (1) 3.25 (3)7.49Chiles Poblanos (1) 4.99 (3) 10.49Tostadas (1) 3.25 (3) 6.25


Hard Tacos (1) 2.49 (3)6.25Soft Tacos (1)2.49 (3) 6.99Soft Taco Supreme (1) 2.99 (3) 6.99Hard Taco Supreme (1) 2.99 (3) 6.25


Burritos (1) 3.75 (2) 6.99  Beef, Chicken, Potato and cheese


Cheese (1)3.25 (2) 5.99Spinach or Mushroom (1) 4.25 (2) 7.99Chicken or Beef (1) 4.50 (2) 8.49Steak or Grilled Chicken (1) 4.99 (2) 9.49Shrimp Quesadilla (1) 5.99 (2) 10.99


Enchiladas (1)2.99 (3)6.49Chicken, Cheese, Beef and potato Shrimp Enchiladas (1) 3.49 (3)7.99

Side Orders

Mexican Rice– 2.25                        Mexican White Rice– 2.25Fried Beans– 2.25                            Black Beans– 2.25French Fries– 2.49                          Extra Chips & Salsa– 1.00Salsa To-Go 20 oz.– 4.99          Grilled Shrimp (10) 7.99Shredded Cheese– 1.75               Jalapenos– 1.49Tomatoes– 1.49                                  Pico De Gallo– 1.75Sour Cream–  1.49                            Tortillas (3)- .75

Combinations $8.65

Create your own combination with any two favorites served with rice and beans.

Enchilada, Taco, Chile Relleno, Chile con Carne, Chile Poblano, Tamal, Quesadilla – Cheese, Spinach or Mushroom, Tostada, Burrito


Vegetarian Delight $8.49 to $11.49

  1. One bean burrito, one cheese enchilada and one tostada with beans- 8.49
  2. One chalupa, one cheese enchilada and beans- 8.49
  3. One bean burrito, one quesadilla and one chalupa- 8.49
  4. One bean tostaguac, once cheese enchilada and rice- 8.49
  5. One cheese enchilada, one chile autentico, rice and beans- 8.49
  6. White mexican rice topped with mushrooms, zucchini, squash, onions, red, yellow, and green bell peppers, tomatoes and cheese sauce on top- 9.49
  7. Two spinach enchiladas topped with cheese dip and served with rice and crema salad-8.49

Vegetable Fajitas Mushroom and veggies( squash and zucchini cooked with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes) in the sizzling fajita-style- 11.49Vegetable QuesadillaOne quesadilla  grilled and stuffed with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, squash, tomatoes and cream. Served with a side of rice, lettuce, tomatoes and pico de gallo- 9.79

Steak Dishes

La Chona Special T-bone steak served in a skillet on a bed of onions, bell peppers and grilled shrimp. Served with French fries- 16.99Steak ala MexicanaT-bone steak cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh jalapenos. Served with rice, beans and tortillas- 13.99American Steak T-bone steak with fries and house salad- 13.99Mexican Cheese Steak One soft tortilla filled with thinly sliced steak, grilled onions, and nacho cheese. Served with lettuce, tomatoes and your choice of rice or beans- 9.99Carne Asada 10oz. Thick grilled rib-eye steak served with fried beans, tossed salad , slice avocados, onions, lime and flour tortillas- 13.99Steak RancheroT-Bone steak with hot sauce on top. Served with rice, beans and tortillas- 13.99 Carne a la Mexicana Chopped steak cooked in red hot sauce and onions. Served with lettuce, sliced avocado, rice, beans and tortillas- 11.99Steak a la TampiquenaT-bone  steak served with rice, beans, salad and tortillas- 13.99 


All skillet fajitas come with rice, beans, guacamole salad and three flour tortillas.Fajita Quesadilla TexanaFlour tortilla filled with cheese, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, chicken, beef and shrimp. Served with rice, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and pico de gallo- 9.49Chicken, Beef or Mix FajitasFor One- 11.99 For Two- 19.99Pineapple Fajitas Your choice of chicken or steak served in half of a fresh pineapple with red onions. Bell peppers and tomatoes- 13.49 Shrimp FajitasFor One- 13.49 For Two 23.99Fajita TexanasFor One- 12.49 For Two- 21.99Parrillada MexicanaCarnitas, Shrimp, Mexican sausage, chicken and beef cooked with tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Served with guacamole salad, rice, beans and three flour tortillas. For One- 12.49 For Two -21.99 Hawaiian Fajitas Half a fresh pineapple stuffed with shrimp and  chicken with red onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and tomatoes topped with cheese- 14.99Fajita Quesadilla Flour tortilla filled with cheese, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers and your choice of chicken or beef. Served with rice, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and pico de gallo- 8.99Fajita NachosNacho chips topped with melted cheese and your choice of chicken or beef. Served with cooked onions, tomatoes and bell peppers- 9.25Lupe Fiesta Nachos Nacho chips with chicken, steak, shrimp and cheese. Cooked with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers- 9.99Fajitas El CerritoGrilled chicken, steak, shrimp, onions, bell peppers (red, green and yellow), tomatoes, mushrooms and pineapple topped with melted cheese- 13.99 For Two- 20.99Seafood FajitasFor One- 13.49 For Two- 23.99

Chicken Dishes

Grilled Chicken Soft TacosThree grilled chicken soft tacos with lettuce and cheese- 9.99Arroz con PolloRice topped with grilled chicken and melted cheese on top- 8.99 Pollo con CremaGrilled chicken strips topped with creamy cheese sauce. Served with rice, beans and tortillas- 12.49Taco LocoA crispy flour tortilla with chicken, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream- 7.99Menitos Pollo Two marinated grilled chicken breasts served with rice, sour cream, guacamole salad and three flour tortillas- 12.49Pollo LocoGrilled chicken breast with a side of rice, beans, pico de gallo and two flour tortillas- 11.99 Pollo del TropicoGrilled chicken topped with melted cheese, barbeque sauce and pineapple. Served with French fries and a salad- 12.49

Pollo YucatanTwo grilled chicken breasts topped with mushrooms, zucchini, squash, onions, yellow, red and green peppers and tomatoes. Served with rice, beans and pico de gallo- 12.49 ChoripolloGrilled chicken breasts with chorizo (Mexican sausage) and melted cheese on top. Served with rice and two flour tortillas- 12.49 Pollo al ChipotleGrilled chicken cooked with chipotle sauce and served with white rice, black beans and tortillas- 12.49 Pollo con CalabazaGrilled chicken breast topped with squash, zucchini, onions and cheese dip. Served with spanish rice, black beans and tortillas- 12.49

Tacos from the Grill

All tacos come with pico de gallo, beans and hot sauce on the side. Tacos de Carne Asada (3)-10.99Tacos de Pollo Asada (3)-10.99Tacos de Carnitas (3)-10.99Tacos Adobadas (3)-10.99Tacos a la Diabla (3)-10.99Tacos de Camaron ( Shrimp) (3)-12.25Tacos de Pescado (Fish) (3)-11.75


chicken, steak, shrimp and chorizo cooked in a green salsa with spring onions, cactus, cheese, tortillas, rice, beans, guacamole, crema salad and tomatoes- 16.99

Carne en Su Jugo

Steak, bacon, pinto beans, onions, cilantro, green salsa and tortillas- 13.99

Grande Special

One of each: Chalupa, Chile Relleno, Enchilada, Taco, Burrito, Mexican Rice and Fried Beans- 14.25

Kids Menu

  1. Burrito and taco- 4.25
  2. Taco, Mexican rice and fried beans- 4.25
  3. Taco, enchilada and French fries- 4.25
  4. Macaroni and cheese and French fries- 4.25
  5. Cheese quesadilla, Mexican rice and French fries- 4.25
  6. Chicken tenders and French fries- 4.99
  7. 3 Mozzarella cheese sticks and French fries- 4.99
  8. Cheeseburger and French fries- 4.99
  9. Grilled chicken breast topped with cheese dip and French fries- 4.99
  10. Grilled chicken quesadilla and French fries- 5.49

Specialties of the House

  1. El Plato Grande –  12.49
    We grill 5 oz. of rib-eye steak and 5 oz., of chicken breast. Garnished with lettuce. Tomato, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream. Served with rice and three flour tortillas.  

  2. Casuelon –  13.99
    Grilled chicken breast, rib-eye steak and shrimp served with rice, beans, pico de gallo and tortillas.
  3. Enchiladas Supreme – 8.75
    A supreme combination consisting of four enchiladas. Chicken. Bean, cheese, and beef, topped with shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream.
  4. Taco Salad – 7.99
    A crispy flour tortilla tilled with ground beef and beans, lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese, and sour cream.
  5. Chimichanga – 9.95 (soft or Fried)
    Two flour tortilla filled with beef ups. Served with fried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, nacho cheese and guacamole.
  6. Burritos Deluxe – 9.49
    Order of two burritos one with chicken and beans and one with bee! And beans. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.
  7. Chilaquiles – 9.49
    Tortilla chips covered with special sauce, chicken, rice, lettuce, guacamole, and tomatoes. Topped with melted cheese.
  8. Guadalajara Special –  10.49
    Tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese. Beef, chicken, beans, lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream topped with tomato. Served with a tamale, two taquitos mexicanos, one chicken, and one beef.
  9. Taquitos Mexicanos –  9.25
    Two bee! And two chicken taquitos served with lettuce, guacamole, tomatoes, and sour cream.